They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 22: A normal field trip with the frizz? NO WAY.

Traditional landing sequences were pretty boring, all things considered, especially among civilian landing craft: (1) Have the computer do it. If, for some reason, that didn’t work, then the sequence looked a little bit like so: (1) Turn on the landing cameras (2) Deploy the landing gear (3) Deploy the skid plates (in case of […]

They are Smol – and Used to this, TWO YEAR Anniversary Special!

You know, 2020 just is… well, it’s a year and that’s about all we can say about it. The year’s been full of drama, and we’re all exhausted and frazzled and just plain tired of this bullshit – and we’ve still got 4 months to go. If you’re like me and have lost your job, […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 21: Relive your childhood

The group stood just outside the entrance to the hospital, a sea of baggage, medical equipment, storybooks and fussing parents milling about behind them. Time was of the essence, and discretion is the better part of valor; many people had done many daring and heroic things with what they had on-hand, and this current “field […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 20: Yet another pun you could not have seen coming. I hurt you because I love you.

IT WAS THE TIME FOR BRUSHIES AFTER ALL. Moth, the great and honorable and good terrorbeast rocked his body from side to side in a rough approximation of a happy dance, the day’s dust and soot and dirt and branches and ceiling tile dust and roof shingles shaking off of him as his grab made […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 19: It’s a Weather Balloon

“Yes. Weather balloon. Yes. No, I don’t care what you think you saw, I’m telling you that it’s a weather balloon. Yes.” The Analyst groaned, the Karnakian councilwoman on the other end responding with something noncommittal. The Analyst knew it was bad when CENTRAL’s first line of defense was swarmed with concerned calls, and knew […]