They are Smol: Chapter 2

Caroline was intrigued, in a detached kind of way, in how someone could be both paranoid and bored at the same time.  By Galactic Union Mandate, any human serving on an all-xenos ship needed to spend at least 4 hours a day immersed in human media. This wasn’t necessarily because human media was somehow better than anything […]

They are Smol: Chapter 1

Caroline sniffed.  Not in that ‘but what IS that smell?’ kinda way, but in the ‘fuck me it’s cold’ kinda way. Through gloved fingers she twisted yet another insulated cable shut, thankful that the drop in heat hadn’t affected her like it did her cold-blooded friends.  “Th…there.” she sniffed again. “About damn time, too.” For […]

“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 5

Swipe. Scan. Approve. Swipe. Scan. Approve. Swipe. Scan. Approve. Sigh. Amonna was having a bad day. First, she woke up gasping because she floated to the top of her sleep tank. That meant she was gaining weight. Second, it also meant there was a ring of salt crust around her snout from where it poked above the top […]

“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 4

Darren grumbled softly. He was getting a lot of wide eyed looks from the throng of various aliens he essentially towered over, though they may have just not have been able to help it with eyes the size of grapefruit in their heads. Accordingly, it was surprisingly dark inside the station, like a mall after […]

“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 3

Zarniac the Lesser blinked his nictitating membranes in a mixture of annoyance and fatigue. Annoyance from the corrections he had been forced to make to their expedition path, as the route-helper AI had bungled their slingshot of Cygnus X-1, and fatigue from having to walk halfway across Waystation LS-49 to file the findings of their […]