“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 15

“FAMILY MEETING! CARGO HOLD! RIGHT NOW!” Darren pounded the metal tray against the walls as he trudged from the supply closet up towards the bridge, making damned certain that everyone could hear him. “Darren? What’s going on?” Cas mumbled groggily, shuffling along behind him. “Why do I feel like someone dumped a recording of cosmic […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 9

“|-he would absolutely kick Lord N’iirie’s ass. No doubt about it-|” Ki’ittri, designated APOSTLE, rolled his eyes at the squad chatter over the comms. It was borderline distracting as he focused on doing his best to do one final final final check of his equipment in the pod as well as the pod itself. He […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 8

The dropship rocked back and forth as it was cradled for the first time in a long time by true atmosphere; the high-altitude winds began to buffet the smaller craft as it began drifting down to GATEBELL, performing obvious, wide arcs to their target. There was no conversation. By now, every soul aboard The Three […]

“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 14

Machinator watched in stunned silence as what used to be his commander aggressively slurped down a mixture of nutrient paste, emergency ration, blood transfusion, and vitamin supplement from a pot the size of his head. The foul smelling, gory mix was disgusting enough on its own, but the raw aggression with which he was sucking […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 7

“…with 11 Alive, reporting live with an emergency broadcast from the parking deck at Tech Square. This is the closest that the military will let us get, and even here if we’re asked to evacuate we will have to move. Military and Police officials are urging people to stay indoors – if you’re within the […]