“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 9

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Cas decided that she hated running. Not because it was tiring, or anything ridiculously organic like that, but because of the amount of flailing involved. Hurling herself from one foot to the other, tottering along like some chaos pendulum stabilized only by several complex mathematic subroutines and a solid understanding of the laws of motion. […]

They are Smol: Invasion of Earth – Chapter 3

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“Ok, I want you to – yes, drop that here please, thank you – I want you to say that again to me, very slowly.” The Man In The Tower said, waving his hand at his assistant. He placed the latest intelligence binder on the corner of the director’s desk and promptly walked out of […]

“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 8

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Darren had never been much of a bird person. He always found that birds themselves were terrible pets characterized by an over-fondness of making horrible sounds and smells, all the while being functionally incapable of displaying any kind of affection for their owners. Whether or not he was correct about terrestrial birds was immaterial at […]

They are Smol: Invasion of Earth – Chapter 2

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What the Karnakians learned long ago is that there’s no better teacher than experience. Oh, sure, there was absolutely a time and a place for universities and other institutions of higher learning – especially in the theoretical or theological divisions – but when it came down to brass tacks, it was always better to have […]

“Technically” Sentient: Chapter 7

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“Rise and shine, little Cas. There’s just so much to say, and so little time to say it in.” The C.A.S.I.I. unit self-designated ‘Cas’ was slow to rouse. Basic systems began their startup cycles piecemeal, and critical processes were acting . . . lethargic. She felt groggy. Sick, if it were possible. Which it shouldn’t […]