About the Author

Hey there!

My name is TinyPrancingHorse, also known as TPH for short. I write primarily science fiction, comedy and satire works, with some adult elements scattered in-between – such as death, and taxes. My writing style is like Douglas Adams meets Terry Pratchett with a heavy dose of optimism.

I started my writing career with fanfiction, which eventually blossomed into the standalone serial series They are Smol, which envisions a galactic future of good intentions, high adventure, and the best laid plans of mice and men going awry.

With the support of my Patrons we have been able to build a great community, commission artwork, host this website and other gaming servers plus many more. If you enjoy my stories and would like to support me so that I can keep making more, please consider subscribing to me on Patreon. With your support I can continue to expand the world of TAS, produce new and exciting content, and create a wonderful community to be a force for good.