A Smol Library

They are Smol is a mostly-weekly serialized novel written in real-time; the alpha drafts are posted here free, forever, for your enjoyment.

Each book is a stand-alone story within the larger universe of TAS, with their own characters, problems and adventures. You can pick up any given book and enjoy some noble-bright popcorn for the soul.

The final version of each book will be made available as an ebook and (eventually) hard copy with additional expanded chapters and unique art that will not be available anywhere else. Please make sure to watch for those coming soon!

A final note: The Patron Versions of each alpha book drafts have something special.


They are Smol Book 2: The accidental Invasion of Earth

Wherein [Humanity] is discovered quite on accident, first contact goes off as well as can be expected, and the Karnakians absolutely did nothing wrong.

They are Smol Book 3: It's a Smol World

Wherein [Humanity] gets it’s first mixed-species colony, the intergalactic internet is a place of wonders, and the local wildlife is absolutely under control.