They are Smol… and it’s a Smol World?: Chapter 14

One fundamental fact about Humanity that you have to embrace is this: We will do things for aesthetics, even if it’s suboptimal – or impractical. This extends from our personal lives (pants are the enemy at home but they protect me when I cook bacon) to our entertainment (No your dinner doesn’t have to be […]

They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Chapter 13

It has been said by brilliant men of the past that there are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. This, however, is not a complete venn diagram, for there are still unknowingly knowns, Knowing knowns, and things that you know that you know – yanno? One of the things that you know that you […]

They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Chapter 12

“What’s that?” “Mmm?” Sensor Technician Abioye said, mouth full of instant ramen. “That.” Sensor Technician Alezeev responded, purposefully tapping a finger against his monitor. “I know our sensors aren’t the best, but, this doesn’t look like normal traffic patterns.” Aboiye sighed and placed his cup ramen to the side, waking up his console. It was […]

They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Chapter 11

Retail – well, the vast majority of retail out there – is a soul-sucking experience. You work in a glorified box putting other boxes on shelves and talking to people about those boxes, and if you’re lucky they don’t blame you for their wife leaving them and taking the kids. One retail job is just […]

They are Smol – and Tenured! 1 Year Anniversary Smolsmas Special!

A/N: URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Smol is now ONE YEAR OLD! Can you believe it? I habeeb it. A few excited reddit posts on /HFY/ turned into suggestions for a Patreon, and that spawned a Discord which now has a Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Youtube – and then we’ve got a Minecraft server in the mix as well – Smols are growing […]