They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Epilogue Part 2

The light was too harsh, Jon decided, as he sat in the uncomfortable chair, elbows resting on the cold metal table. His fingers ran through his damp hair, slick with both water and sweat, as he tried to control his breathing. “Can you stop fucking with the heat?” “WE ARE NOT.” Came the robotic voice […]

They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Epilogue pt. 1

It took five hours. At first blush, this would make sense – you had to put out a tarmac fire, dislodge a couple war-mechs from a few innocent buildings, perform medical triage on the willing humans, attempt to perform medical triage on the non-willing humans, coordinate with multiple ground crews and your city, colony and […]


“I’min.” Thebalaclava wearing man hunched over his multiple computer monitors, RussianHardbass playing at dangerously bass-boosted levels. A half-empty bottle ofvodka was wreathed by stubbed-out cigarettes on the well-worn desk, cigaretteash falling haphazardly into his many mechanical keyboards. The clacking noiseof his fingers against the keys provided an ever-present undertone to theplaylist – and it was […]

They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Chapter 17

It was the sound of cloth on air, an almost imperceptible lift as Juan Esteban coaxed the giant moth upwards. It’s multi-limbed grip was surprisingly snug; although the arms were chitinous and uncomfortable, the body (once you got used to the fact that it was a giant insect) was soft and somewhat pliable. Like an […]