They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 16: The Fall

Loading Dock 5E, Roughly 10 minutes or so before visitation hours (gone wild gone wrong gone sexual): “I don’t like these things.” Dr. Silver murmured, looking into the freshly-opened crate. He wasn’t alone – not in the room, nor in sentiment over the three puffy medical-grade bright white suits that stared blankly back up at […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 15: So it’s treason, then!

“Really.” Of all the responses, of all the possible ways that Than mo thought his colleagues would react to him breaking the news of an incurable global pandemic, that CENTRAL was stalling for time at the potential cost of human life, that the four of them would most likely be left to deal with an […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 14: Felonies and Flutterbyes

Wiggles – the not-so-alter-ego of Ik’itili, the best farmhand this side of that one fussy quasar near the [Star Platinum] colony, never quite understood the little-needs-protectings’ love of shag carpeting. Sure, it was soft, it retained heat, and if you were so inclined you could do that whole static shock thing on demand (minus the […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 13: Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone

One of the well-known but unspoken perks of being on the front lines with human integration into multiple-species anything is that… well, everything is them sized when you start out. So when you’re issued “standard” rations, “standard” living quarters allotments, “standard” utility bill allowances – everything turns out just peachy, and for once you can […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 12: A good excuse to leave quarantine

One thing that alien media did not do, that human media was almost always guilty of, was showing professionals rushing around everywhere, almost all the time. It’s one of the lazy director’s shortcuts; instead of having actual action happening, show movement as action and misdirect the audience. Works great on humans, not so much on […]