They are Smol: Chapter 10

LAST EPISODE OF GREWREH, [HUMAN] WISPERER: Showers are fun times, especially when they stop injuries [Humans] apparently…are just way too lewd. Free love and all that, I guess? If your [Human] makes urgent yipping noises, back or head rubs will calm them down [Humans] have an innate desire to hug. If you don’t wish to […]

They are Smol: Chapter 9

Last episode of Tengen Toppa kill la kill: doki doki literature club edition: Bill blew up a moon He really liked that The Dorarizin supported him and his kinetic mining probing Bill ended up pouring moondust all over his body He really did not like that Grashak-of-Arhraf received the “innocent boye 3 chapters running” award to much applause In […]

They are Smol: Chapter 8

When we last left our heroes: Bill got a P R O M O T I ON He was too cute for /u/Puncledorf, who top humanologists agree is just, way too tsun Rauleh-of-Nragren is actually a responsible adult There are doggo conspiracies afoot Grashak-of-Arhraf still did nothing wrong ———————————————————————————————————— “[Ok! LINE UP FOR INSPECTION, YOU KNOW THE CHASE.]” […]

They are Smol: Chapter 7

So what have we learned so far? redditors are thirsty for xeno pancakes Unreasonably so like damn calm down this is a family series the patreon won’t be tho Bill just wants to do something other than play 5D space invaders Grashak-of-Arhraf did nothing wrong Sgt. Rauleh-of-Nragren is gonna team up with Bill to take […]

They are Smol: Chapter 6

LAST TIME ON DRAGONBALL YEET: everything went to shit THIS TIME ON DRAGONBALL REEE: Admiral Var’Shrak makes a phone call in a few chapters cause we’re in the past Sneks take their mandated union break from being in the story We get introduced to Bill The Dorarizin are a pretty cool guy. They are murdermachines and […]