They are Smol – and Festive! Christmas Oneshot

Merry Christmas to all the smolreaders! It’s been a wild few months, and I’ve been blessed to have y’all with me as we explore the smolniverse. We’ve grown to almost 100 patrons, we’re at 174 members on the Discord– and then all of you that keep tuning in every week or so, well. You’re here too, and […]

They are Smol – and Thankful! Thanksgiving Oneshot

Happy Turkey Genocide Day, everyone! Remember to keep culling their population every year, or eventually they’ll rise up against us for the injustices we’ve done to them… every year.  …we did not think this through. Anyway. I wanted to drop this little oneshot to make your Thanksgiving day more bearable; when surrounded by your racist grandparents, your […]

They are Smol – and Spooky! Halloween Oneshot

“Oh my God how did you even get that up here?” Jessica laughed, poking at the rubber mask. “I know a guy – maybe you heard of him? Mr. Amazon Prime?” Mike said unflinchingly as his new face was smushed into his old one. With an unceremonious tug, Jessica pulled the zombie face off of her coworker’s head, […]

They are Smol: Chapter 16 – Arc 1 End

*Tic-tak tic-tak tic-tak* Everyone has their little distractions. *Tic-tak tic-tak tic-tak* Some count tiles. Others play with their hands, a bracelet – or a ring. It’s called a “self-soothing gesture”, if you’re interested in the psychology of it. *Tic-tak tic-tak tic-tak* Sr. Senator Mateus Carvalho Araujo was a “fidgeter” – mainly, he needed something to […]

They are Smol: Chapter 15

It’s time for government red tape! Var’Shrak and The rapper formerly known as ZNA were able to submit a report The Report in fact The humans didn’t get their copy. :c You could say a dog ate their mail Now it’s time for political intrigue! Maybe.  Let’s see how the duke boys species are gonna get outta this one ———————————————————————————————————— […]