They are Smol – Boxes, Badguys and Boops Chapter 10: The Natural Habitat of a Smol

The door to the medbay slid shut, and on principle Drongo locked it behind him as his guest hit the deck outside with a thud. “[Not my problem.]” “[Really, Doc?]” Toko said, smiling as he rubbed his scalp, the suddenly-twisted crown feathers being entirely uncomfortable but necessary to pull off a “pious” look. “[Didn’t think […]

They are Smol – Badguys, Boxes and Boops: Chapter 9

Boots frowned as he stood hunched over the pilot. “[Wait.]” The new hand – Split, if his IFF was reading correctly, paused his piloting, holding stationary next to the much larger cargo ship. “[What’s wrong?]” “[Just wait. Let’s see what Orange Team has to say.]” The Dorarizin pilot shrugged, tilting her head to the side […]

They are Smol – BBB Chapter 8: It’s just an aggressive Wellness Check

The press and the media at large would characterize pirates as either irredeemable evil slaving scum who murder each other with impunity and have loyalties that change with the solar winds, or as rogue robinhood archetypes who have a bit of mystery and suspense as the antiheroes that thumb their noses at authority. Artistic, but […]

They are Smol – BBB Chapter 6: The smol fuckin dies lmao

The Germans – and of course, it would be the Germans – have a word for what transpired in Rrsn’sspri’s office. It’s a word for “to kill with cuteness; to repeatedly shoot a person in the heart with your feelings long after they’re dead; Oh God please stop already that’s enough”. It’s roughly four or […]