They are Smol – Badguys, Boxes and Boops: Barhopping, Book-keeping and Bettings

“Can I go now?” Nate complained as his body was tugged firmly to the right, the safety strap on his suit being fastened down a bit too roughly. Captain Sassafras, unamused, stared unblinking at him, wordlessly pulling her hood back. “Okaaaaay, I’m sorry. Really, truly, I am.” Nate reached forward and tried to pat his […]

They are Smol – BBB Chapter 2: The kids are alright

Actually important Author’s Note: The new word that was invented for this story basically means “an epiphany with a gnawing realization, or mixed with regret/remorse”; “an epiphany + a sudden pit in your stomach”. I know there’s probably a German word for it, but hecc it. We doin’ this live. = = = = = […]

They are Smol – Boxes, Bad Guys and Boops: Chapter 1

On a trading route, near a comet, was a ship called Perfect. The ship itself was one of those utilitarian, multi-species hauler ships that you would find anywhere in the Galaxy; universal parts, dummy thicc armor plating, reliable engines and drives, sturdy bolted-down tables in the mess hall – The Perfect would not win any […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large, Epilogue (Part 1?): The Alternative is Medicine

2200AD. 4 Weeks after Field Trip. *tsk* The televisions in the human wing didn’t need to make sounds when they changed the channel; it was simply programmed in as a cultural quirk. *tsk* “[…returning to normalcy. PDF outposts have been put on highest alert to stamp down on illegal spawning fires, specifically to alleviate the […]

They are Smol Doctors at Large – Chapter 24: CHUNGUS fears only one thing.

Laverne was seated by herself – well, her and the couple dozen Jornissian infants clinging to her body – on a bench seat along a very human table. The mess hall kitchen hadn’t had a good workout in weeks, and to those of a gastronomical persuasion, that was a travesty. Laverne knew better than to […]