They are Smol: Chapter 4

So we’ve had some things happen, if you’re too good to click those fresh links I made for you/can’t be bothered to browse dank memes AND explore the galaxy (I’m lookin’ at you, /u/luckytron.) then here’s the long and short of it: There are Jornissians, who are snakes in space There is Caroline, a human They […]

They are Smol: Chapter 3

THE STORY SO FAR: There are aliens, and a galactic senate. All in all, pretty good sapients – post-scarcity societies seem to be benevolent. Who knew? Humans are a thing, and a particular human is on a particular thing that we would call a “spaceship”. She happens to be surrounded by snakelike xenos, and there […]

They are Smol: Chapter 2

Caroline was intrigued, in a detached kind of way, in how someone could be both paranoid and bored at the same time.  By Galactic Union Mandate, any human serving on an all-xenos ship needed to spend at least 4 hours a day immersed in human media. This wasn’t necessarily because human media was somehow better than anything […]

They are Smol: Chapter 1

Caroline sniffed.  Not in that ‘but what IS that smell?’ kinda way, but in the ‘fuck me it’s cold’ kinda way. Through gloved fingers she twisted yet another insulated cable shut, thankful that the drop in heat hadn’t affected her like it did her cold-blooded friends.  “Th…there.” she sniffed again. “About damn time, too.” For […]