They are Smol – and it’s a Smol World: Chapter 1

WE ARE BACK TO SHITPOSTING AND LIGHT-HEARTED HIGH ADVENTURE, Y’ALL! The alarm clock – or what we would call an alarm clock – went off at 6AM, it’s gentle waterfall and rustling wind tone getting louder and louder as time marched inexorably forward. The blanket den did not stir. The alarm clock – what we […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Epilogue pt. 2

First Contact – Well, the FIRST first contact – was a momentous occasion for multiple reasons: Mankind learned we’re not alone in the universe, we learned how far behind we are in terms of technology, and at least in one possibly possessed Australian’s case, learned how to flip a Karnakian onto it’s back and check […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Epilogue 1

-+-+-+- Vik, Iceland. +They stopped caring, After First Contact -+-+-+- High President Carter sighed as yet another intern just…. Didn’t show up. It wasn’t that interns dodging their daily duties was anything new, per se – the youth had been slacking since there were youth and things to do. It was more that this intern […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 14

When the history books were written – or tablets transcribed, given how technology advanced so quickly – everyone universally agreed on a single point: It sucked to be a government leader during The Great Clusterfuck.If you accepted the necessary invader-aid to rebuild your society, your society didn’t trust you. If you didn’t accept the aid, […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 13

Springdale, Arkansas, USA. +5 DAYS AFTER CONTACT. -+-+- The sound of boots on broken glass broke the silence, and Carl gripped his shotgun a little tighter as he swept the Target for looters. He wasn’t expecting any, but he heard through the radio that if your area was still without power, you should “shelter in […]