They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 7

“…with 11 Alive, reporting live with an emergency broadcast from the parking deck at Tech Square. This is the closest that the military will let us get, and even here if we’re asked to evacuate we will have to move. Military and Police officials are urging people to stay indoors – if you’re within the […]

They are Smol: The Invasion of Earth – Chapter 6

Time stood still. The crew of The Three Stones were watching multiple camera angles, so it was only by the sudden shocked silence of a few operators that the rest of the bridge even knew something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. Security Chief Ri’tiki was under the second dropship, happily and completely unaware of any […]

They are Smol: Invasion of Earth: Chapter 5

Really, all things considered, the first 24 hours were the worst. This is from both the perspective of the crew aboard The Three Stones but also all of Humanity; the dread weight of the problem just floating right above you hung around everyone’s neck, plunging them into the icy cold ocean of anxiety and despair. […]

They are Smol: Invasion of Earth – Chapter 4

First Contact Procedures, broadly, were meant to do three specific things:    (1) To ensure the safety and security of your home species    (2) To determine the intentions and capabilities of the discovered species    (3) To begin peaceful communications in a slow, deliberate way And since First Contact Procedures were the part of […]

They are Smol: Invasion of Earth – Chapter 3

“Ok, I want you to – yes, drop that here please, thank you – I want you to say that again to me, very slowly.” The Man In The Tower said, waving his hand at his assistant. He placed the latest intelligence binder on the corner of the director’s desk and promptly walked out of […]